FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Athena Search

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Athena Search? Athena Search is a SaaS-based search platform that can be integrated with any eCommerce platform out there thanks to open API calls.

Is Athena Search used for eCommerce? Yes, Athena Search is primarily used for eCommerce sites. However, it can be used for blogs as well as for any other sites that require high-quality, accurate, and fast search results.

What is Athena Search used for? Athena Search is used for providing the best and most precise on-site search results for your customers. It further leads to higher conversion rates, increased profits, and thus a more successful online business.

Can Athena Search be connected to a headless-developed website? Yes, you can integrate Athena Search with your headless website without any hassle. Beat your competition with amazing search results across different devices and platforms with our API-powered solution.

Does Athena Search have something to do with Amazon Athena/AWS Athena? Even though the name might suggest so, Athena Search is not associated with Amazon Athena/AWS Athena. It’s just the case of great minds thinking alike…

Who built Athena Search? Syncit Group has developed Athena Search from scratch. Our goal was to develop a safe, maintainable, and scalable solution with advanced and customizable features that will make a strong and lasting impact in the world of eCommerce and provide a memorable online experience.

How much does Athena Search cost? The prices of Athena Search services are very competitive, starting at $149 per month. Based on your needs, you can choose one of the Athena Search price packages (Basic, Starter, Premium, or Corporate) or create your own (Enterprise). Contact us today for a demo.

Which platforms does Athena Search support? There are two Athena Search extensions available, one for Magento 2 and the other for WordPress + WooCommerce. However, since Athena Search is a headless software based on open API calls, it can be integrated with every existing eCommerce platform.

Does Athena Search support PWAs? Yes, Athena Search can be integrated with any Progressive Web App. Athena Search supports any type of headless app by using ready to use Athena Search Open API. Provide your customers with the best search results across the various web and mobile platforms.

Is Athena the name of a Greek goddess? Of course! Athena is not just any goddess, but the one associated with wisdom, power, and battle strategy, born from Zeus’s forehead.

Is Athena Search using Machine Learning? Absolutely! Great precision comes with the usage of true self-learning over time Machine Learning. Our ML algorithms dynamically use top search queries and other new data to relearn and improve search results over time.

Can the design of the Athena Search be customized to match my website? Absolutely. There are two types of layouts to choose from. Also, there is an option in the Admin panel for customization of the template and styling. Our integration team will make sure to help you out and match the template with your web store’s design.

Does Athena Search support Magento 2? Of course. We have a Magento 2 extension which enables you to easily integrate with our dashboard. 

Does Athena Search have a module or extension? Yes, currently for two platforms, Magento and WordPress.

How often does the Athena Search Index? i.e., how fast can Athena Search update my product information? Athena dashboard uses cron jobs to reindex the data. There are several options to choose from: hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

How does Athena Search get my product information? Athena Search is able to index the product feed data in the XML format according to the Google products feed XML standard. Our search engine has got a Magento 2 extension which consists of APIs whose aim is to pull the data from your website.

Is there Athena Search for WordPress? Yes, but it is currently in the beta testing phase.