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Magento Search by Athena

Enhance the efficiency of your Web store by integrating our Magento 2 advanced search.

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Powerful Advanced Search

Powerful Advanced Search

Every Magento store deserves a seamless, intuitive, and advanced search that provides customers with the most relevant search results. With Athena’s smart predictions, rich autocomplete, and a broad choice of customizable features, you are sure to boost your store’s traffic, increase sales, and create a loyal customer base.

Product Data Search

Set up the right choice of Synonyms, Keyword Redirects, and smart filters like product SKU, availability, category or brand that will guide your customers through a seamless shopping experience and help them find desired products faster. Precise and relevant search options mean better search results.

Product Data Search
Sort and Order

Sort and Order

Make sure that top products and best offers are always available to your customers by setting the order of product appearance on a particular category or a storefront. A carefully chosen selection of the newest, the best-selling and the top-searched items will definitely increase your conversion rate.


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Common Questions

Can the design of the Athena Search be customized to match my website? Absolutely. There are two types of layouts to choose from. Also, there is an option in the Admin panel for customization of the template and styling. Our integration team will make sure to help you out and match the template with your web store’s design.

How does Athena Search get my product information? Athena Search is able to index the product feed data in the XML format according to the Google products feed XML standard. Our search engine has got a Magento 2 extension which consists of APIs whose aim is to pull the data from your website.