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Case Studies

Use Athena Search to improve your store’s KPIs. Our clients have been doing it successfully.

Athena Search

John Hwang

CEO/Founder Rainier Arms LLC, USA

“The reporting shows exactly what customers are searching for, and the sales reporting tool has been excelent. Athena Search has been one of the best decisions we've made."

Jordan Džaković

Commercial Director Fashion Company, Serbia

“In times when you usually have to choose between quality and price, consumer experience expectations and internal resources, Athena is a solution with no compromise."

Athena Category Navigation

Dušan Brdar

IT Director Fashion Company, Serbia

“We have chosen Athena because of enthusiasm and devotion of Syncit Group, fast resolving process in any time, and excellent performance of search."

Scott Wagner

Customer Support Manager, Rainier Arms LLC, USA

“We’ve seen a significant increase in site speed compared to pre-Athena, and have fielded significantly fewer complaints from customers regarding website speed."